• Paddlers
    With its protective and liquid sealed structure,
    Paddlers gently covers your baby providing the comfort needed.
    Paddlers has a flexible and ergonomic structure that is designed to fits baby’s movements.
    The breathable outer layer makes sure the baby’s skin can breath while
    sealing the liquid from outside. Paddlers: happy babies, happy mothers…
  • Cushy Baby
    Cushy Baby diapers keep the wetness away form baby with its unique absorption layer,
    and allow your baby to move around easily thanks to its elastic ears.
    The funny images and characters at the outer surface eases the diaper change while your
    baby enjoys it. Having no harmful material to your baby, Cushy Baby is the preferred diaper
    for those mothers seeking for an economic and yet high quality solution.
  • Lulla Baby
    Lulla Baby takes good care of your baby and keeps your baby
    dry while contributing to family budget with affordable pricing.
    An economical solution providing just enough performance: Lulla Baby.

Enka Hijyen Manifest

We are deep-rooted, creative and conscientious.
We are solution partner for women in their personal hygiene expectations, with our experience and production capability.
We behave sincerely, friendly, tenderhearted, and respectful for human and environment.
We believe being honest, frank and using the most up to date technology is the secret of success.
We never rely on & believe in short-term profits and temporary business partnerships.
We follow trends and technology continuously and analyze the requirements and demands of market to come up with the proper and economic solutions.
We are in love with the peaceful smile on faces of babies and mothers.
Because we are ENKA HYGIENE…

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