R & D

Babies are very valuable and important for us, because they are our future. It is our highest priority to produce diapers they deserve. It is clear that the baby care products have crucial effects on healthy growth of our most valuables. We have our R&D department to determine the requirements of babies and mothers and to find the best solutions for them. We aim to produce the most comfortable diapers that fits well, that keeps the babies dry and that does not have any harmful effects to babies by utulizing all technological solutions and having a close eye on advances of the industry.

Having an uninterrupted sleep is very important for babies as the growth hormones are released more while they are sleeping. A dry & smooth sleep is not only important for babies but also very important for the mothers, because a sleeping baby means a happy and comfy mother. A leak-free diaper, that perform good absorbency during the whole and complete night means smooth sleep and healthy babies. If babies are healthy, they are more dynamic and active and dynamic babies need flexible and ergonomic diapers. Baby diapers that are not ergonomic and those that do not have enough flexibility have adverse effect in baby movements and a healthy growth. However flexible, ergonomic and dry diaper that gently wraps the baby are not the only criteria of essence. The babies’ skin is very sensitive that reacts to bacteria or any other foreign substance. Diapers shall be produced in a hygienic environment with machines that satisfy a fully automatic and hands-free production and packaging process. The complementary animal figures, characters and colorful designs on the diapers makes sure a diaper is not only a functional product but also something that keeps baby busy during a diaper change. The figures changes by size as the babies grow. Every detail has to be worked on by the R&D team to make sure the diapers look lovely.

By taking all these conditions into consideration, with the support of R&D team and experience of many years, Enka Hijyen achieved production of diapers for the babies and for the mothers so the babies grow dry & happy and mothers feel confident & comfortable. The ever-evolving products are the key in disposable hygienic articles industry and Enka Hijyen is doing whatever necessary to make sure end users are kept happy.